Charles A Dean Memorial Hospital Auxiliary

Supporting the Mission and Vision of CA Dean Memorial Hospital

Who we are

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who a share a passion for the success of Charles A Dean Memorial Hospital.  Established in 1948, the Auxiliary has a long history of supporting the mission and vision of the hospital.  Our members include individuals from Rockwood, Shirley, Greenville and Lily Bay.

Our Mission and Vision…
It is really quite simple…We strive to be an active volunteer organization who supports the mission and vision of Charles A Dean Memorial Hospital.  The support includes, but is not limited to, fund raising efforts, assist in any way necessary to promote health and wellness, and to enhance the strong community support that already exists throughout the region.

Officers (Elected in April of 2016 – Each serving a one year term)
Sheri Kreider – President
Deidre Gilbert – Vice President
Lorraine Rodgerson – Secretary/Treasurer
Our History of Contributed Support

  • Wheelchair Accessible Van
  • Digital Mammography Unit
  • Refurbished patient rooms
  • Cardiac Monitors

Want to Join Us?
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Auxiliary, please contact Sheri Kreider at 695-5261 or Lorraine Rodgerson at 695-5265.  We are always excited about the opportunity to increase our current membership as we grow and continue to provide innovative, quality support to Charles A Dean Memorial Hospital.  There are no dues or financial obligation to be a member, all we are looking for is your passion for the success of Charles A Dean Memorial Hospital!