Immediate Action Taken in Response to Potential Healthcare Issue

Release Date - 12/05/2013

Greenville, Maine – (December 5, 2013) – Through internal check-and-control systems, Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital and Northwoods Healthcare have discovered a potential concern in how scopes used to conduct cystoscopy, a urological procedure, were disinfected. This discovery was made during a routine internal evaluation on October 31. CA Dean self-reported the matter and a review ensued. The United States Center for Disease Control and the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention strongly encourage patients to contact their healthcare provider to be tested, despite the small risk of exposure.

While reassuring the community that the potential for risk is small, CA Dean president and CEO, Geno Murray, says patients who had a cystoscopy at Northwoods between September 9, 2011 and October 25, 2013, are being notified and will be offered free screening. And, because CA Dean and Northwoods are committed to a high level of integrity and maintaining organizational transparency, Murray says he felt it was important to share this news with the community and to provide reassurance around the steps taken to ensure something like this does not happen again. Those steps include: mandatory staff retraining, reviewing and adjusting policy, improvements to the procedure area, and adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines, which recommend a pre-cleaning of the scope prior to disinfecting.

Each of our patient’s safety and well-being is always our top priority. Urologic patients with questions or concerns should contact CA Dean to schedule follow-up testing at no charge. A dedicated phone line for patients and family members is available at any time, day or night, at (207)-349-0933.